Our business

Medolla Limited is a private, independent company, devoted to the production and marketing of specialty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries.

The great kowledge and expertise built up over the years have allowed the Company to develop an extensive selection of renowned products, ranging from thickeners to plant extracts. Furthermore, due to its utmost attention to customers’ needs, of notable importance is the Company’s ability to manufacture custom-made products.

As quality is viewed as a prime objective, Quality Control is done by state-of-the art instruments and the use of the most advanced analytical methods, in order to ensure that products rigorously meet standard of excellence.

Products are marketed worldwide under proprietary trademarks such as Carbomed, Glymed, Medcide, Medlan, Medmuls, Medster, Medxtract, Olivatis, which are regarded as synonyms of quality.

Medolla Limited is highly export-oriented and is represented in most countries by a network of well-established and dynamic distributors, who ensure swift availability of products all around the world.

Our philosophy

In an increasingly competitive global market, we have made the quest for excellence our winning philosophy. Our fundamental goal is to stay close to customers in order to anticipate their desires and satisfy their needs. Quality, reliability and service are our strategies aimed at customer loyalty and sound growth. 

We aspire at a quality organization and a quality job. As we achieve quality, growth comes as a result.

In order to meet the challenge of a changing world, we are prepared to change everything about ourselves except our belief in the importance of our customers and in a superior quality service, as it moves through corporate life.